Saturday, February 10, 2007

Chinese zodiac characters

Here is the Chinese characters for the zodiac.

This link to more information about it.

My third marbling with oil

I dropped a few drops of conola oil then dropped a few drops of ink and stirred.

I took this photo in the evening so the shinny white is the reflection of the flash.

Oil gave the marbling an interesting effect, but how can I paint on after the oil?

My second marbling paper

After I take out the first piece of marbling paper, I stirred the ink water with a fork, did this second piece of marbling paper. The image is much lighter, vague and blury.
However, it could be a good background to paint on.

My first marbling paper

I put a very thin layer of tap water in a flat bottom tray (15inch diameter), drop 5 drops of Chinese bottled ink, I touched the tray very lightly so the ink water flew naturally a little bit.

I lowered a piece of my "classic" hand towel paper carefully and lifted it up. Turn over the side on top of a kitchen towel to absorb the water. It came out like this.

I would prefer a sharper edge in the marbling. Maybe I should make the water less running by cooking a starchy paste.

However, I'm happy with my first try.