Monday, March 19, 2007

Magnolia 10, Exercise

Magnolia 9, Exercise

Magnolia 8, (modified magnolia 1) Exercise

I have some leftover colour in my mixing plate. I scrambled the paper and dipped it into the colour and patted over on an finished painting. I'm interested to see what it comes out.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Chrysanthemum 3, leaves, brush stroke first, then outline with white

This is the method to do moku brush stroke style leaves.

I started from the big dark ink stroke for the leaves. Then wait a few minutes. When the ink is almost dried, I apply zinc white which is opaque while in the middle of the leave for highlight the vine of the leaves.

The white outline helps viewers to see and understand the direction and shape of the leaves.

chrysanthemum 2, flower, from one petal to a full flower

Here, the illustration with number on top is how I usually I do the chrysanthemum flower.

After the first layer of petal, the flower shape and direction whether facing up or down or left or right is decided. Then add more petals to make the flower full and blossom.

Chrysanthemum 1, flower and bud

I started from the centre of the flower, and continued to add petals in a radiating direction.

I do not try to make each petal the same. They are different in direction, shape, size and wet/dryness.

At the beginning my brush is wetter (however, the fine detail as flower petal, brush is never dripping wet.) As I drew more and more petal, the brush became drier and drier. That made a natural transition of the colour tone.